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Preview the new color of Drift messenger bag

After worked with our retailer, TEMPS in Japan, Ice Red happy to announce adding the cool black beauty color to our existing Drift messenger bag line. The new color will be available for order by September 30th.

Drift messenger bag will be available in the following seven color combinations: Black/Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Brown/Orange, Brown/Yellow, Blue/Lime and Gray/Blue.

Drift messenger bag in black

Written by alan — August 29, 2007

Messenger Bags - A New Twist on an Old Favorite

Did you know that messenger bags have been around since the 1950’s?
While messenger bags may be one of the hottest current trends in urban gear, they actually got their start in the telephone business. It’s true; the first messenger bags were designed for telephone linemen to be able to easily access their tools while climbing a pole.

Later on, bicycle messengers started using messenger bags as a convenient way of carrying packages while maneuvering busy city streets.

Here at Ice Red Bags, we’ve added modern flare to a great classic to create the very best messenger bags for urban professionals. Our messenger bags offer classic but trendy designs with the durability of modern fabric, and several great color choices!

Ice Red messenger bags come in two sizes: 13”x11”x5.5" and 17”x13”x7". We make our messenger bags from super heavy-duty 1680D ballistic nylon and industrial-grade tarpaulin that are made to withstand today’s busy lifestyles.

Each Ice Red messenger bag has water-resistance lining, a safety flap, and easy-access Velcro pockets for storing all your “must-have” gear. So, if you love American classics, but need modern functionality, check out Ice Red messenger bags here.

Written by alan — August 20, 2007

New Webstore Offering Latest Trends in Urban Gear


San Francisco (08/08/07)- From their morning cup of coffee to dinner out with friends, professionals in the fast world of wireless technology need laptop bags that are big enough to function as a portable office, stylish enough to take to dinner, and durable enough to take a beating .

Ice Red Designs, a San Francisco based company recently launched a new web store featuring highly adaptable and style savvy laptop and tote bags- all at prices that won’t break the bank. Ice Red’s heavy duty and fashionable laptop bags average around $50 each.

Alan Wong, founder and owner of Ice Red Designs, said consumers want laptop bags and tote bags that they can take anywhere and still look great. Ice Red bags offer enough space to safely pack a laptop, a brown-bag lunch, and important accessories like a wallet, and keys. “This is a bag for your whole day,” Wong said.

Ice Red Designs’ most popular bag is the UNI laptop cargo bag, a unisex bag with a 15-inch protective laptop compartment. The UNI laptop bag has a sleek vertical design, and includes an inside organizer with several pockets for organizing valuables without having to dig deep into the bottom of the bag. With zippered front pockets and a magazine pocket, the classy UNI will prevent anyone from looking like an over-worked, disorganized computer geek. The popular UNI laptop bag is available in 3 colors: elegant gray, choco-brown, and classic black, and is designed to fit any lifestyle.

The Ice Red UNI bag recently received a great review by Kate, laptop bag evaluator, at Squidoo. On her blog, Kate wrote, “The UNI keeps you organized. And you can put your whole office in there.”

In addition to laptop bags, Ice Red also offers classic messenger bags with a stylish flare, durable urban storage bags and totes, and an innovative clutch/tote combination bag.

Ice Red Designs, a trademark of Armapac, incorporates customer feedback and research into every bag design. “The many features and great designs of our bags are based on the suggestions of faithful customers who carry them everyday,” said Wong.

With special emphasis on combining cutting-edge fashion with durability and weather resistance, Ice Red Bags are made of heavy-duty-water-resistant ballistic nylon material, and some styles include weatherproof accessory pouches. “Our bags are designed for real people on the go,” said Wong.

For more information about Ice Red Designs’ stylish and versatile line of laptop bags, tote bags, and messenger bags, please visit or email


Written by alan — August 08, 2007

The UNI cargo laptop tote - now available in 2 New Colors

Our top seller, UNI cargo laptop tote bag now available in two new exciting colors. Lime and Navy. Total five colors available to choose: blacK beauty, choco brown, gun metal gray, lime and navy.
Please check UNI

UNI cargo laptop tote new colors

Written by alan — August 07, 2007

UNI Cargo Laptop Tote Bag - Customer testimonial

“ Hello.  I received my bag a couple of days ago.  I am very impressed by 
the quality of construction and thought that has gone into its design.
I am something of a bag fanatic.  I love bags, especially practical, well 
designed ones. I have a particular bag design in mind that doesn't seem 
to exist - and believe me I have searched.  This bag was the closest to 
what I'm looking for. Thanks,”
Kris, Knoxville TN

Written by alan — August 07, 2007

UNI Cargo Laptop Tote - Customer testimonial

“I just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful bag. I'm quite a bag snob, and was intrigued by your UNI cargo laptop tote bag. I was thrilled that it arrived so quickly and that the quality and design appear exceptional. The true test will come tomorrow when it accompanies me to work, but I am fairly certain it will be a new favorite bag and designer. Well done!”
-Molly, Oakland CA

“I just wanted to let you know that I was right - the UNI is amazing. As a married, dog-owning, non-profit professional, masters degree-seeking woman, I have serious and strict requirements about the versatility of my bag, and couldn't be more thrilled with the UNI.”
-Molly, Oakland CA

Written by alan — August 07, 2007

We want to hear from you!

Hello all!

Thanks for stopping by to visit our new blog here at Ice Red Bags.

Add us to your favorites list, and check back often for updates.

We created this blog as a fun place to discuss Ice Red Bags with our customers.

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you like about your Ice Red laptop bag, UNI bag, or tote bag.

Did anyone see Kate’s review of the UNI laptop bag on Squidoo? Kate, Squidoo’s laptop bag expert, especially liked all the space and organizing compartments you get with the UNI Laptop Bag.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the UNI laptop bag from Ice Red Bags, here are just a few of its great features for urban professionals.

  • Vertical Design
  • Unisex Appeal
  • 1680D Ballistic Nylon Fabric
  • Magazine Pocket
  • Zippered Front Pockets
  • Internal Organizer
  • 5 Color Choices

Again, we’d like to welcome you to Ice Red Bags! Send us your comments and we’ll post them here !

Written by alan — August 06, 2007

Drift, the messenger bag reviewed by Kate Trgovac in Squidoo

A solid, tough bag!

I try to stay on-topic here at "Funky, Chic and Cool Laptop Bags" to make sure you're getting the laptop bag reviews you need. But sometimes, we all need to branch out and look at something different. Especially when those different things are brightly coloured. Alan over at Ice Red Designs sent over one of his super-cool messenger bags. So while not strictly laptop, I did want to show it off.

Imaginary Scene: Dark and stormy day in Vancouver on my bike, rushing to get my headshot to the casting director before 5! My head is down, my Drift Messenger Bag is strapped tightly to my body. I'm weaving in and out of traffic, my bag a beacon in the pounding rain - cars see me because of the bright green and blue. Needing a quick burst of steam to make it up the hill, I reach back and pull an energy drink from one of the deep outside pockets. Arriving at the movie shoot's production office, I burst in - shaking water everywhere - unstrap my messenger, unzip an interior pocket and pull out a perfectly dry folder of headshots. Mission accomplished.

More Likely Scene: Head into the office ... Drift Messenger slung over my shoulder. Get to desk. Pull out laptop (in a sleeve I already had), power cord, mouse, camera, Moleskine notebook, ipod, new book from David Verklin, Vanity Fair, muffin, juicebox, toothbrush and toothpaste. Wow - I carry a lot of stuff!

The Drift is a great bag in general. Like most of Ice Red's designs, it has a ton of pockets and a great, comfortable strap configuration. It is designed to be worn by cyclists and has easy outside access. I confess I did not actually test it on my bike in a rainstorm, but the side gusset design coupled with the interior pockets seem well designed to keep stuff dry.

If you carry your laptop in the Drift, you will need a sleeve. I tried a couple that I had on hand and they both worked fine, although the bigger the sleeve, the less likely the bag will be water-resistent. My MacBook Pro 15 *just* fit when it was in-sleeve, but the larger model should hold a 17".

The Drift comes in several great colour combinations and is really well made. When I stuffed the bag, I had a lot of confidence in the strength of the material in the seams. If you don't carry a laptop with you all the time and would like a bag that can easily double as a gym bag, book bag or airplane carry on, check out the Drift! Small size retails for $45 USD.

Written by alan — August 06, 2007

UNI Cargo Laptop Tote reviewed by Kate Trgovac - The #1 len in Squidoo shopping

Combining style and functionality ... bags for all lifestyles

I spend a lot of time digging around in the bottom of my bag. Digging for keys, for jump drives, for a pen, for my gum - you name it, it's in my bag, lurking on the very bottom. And I think, why aren't there more pockets in my laptop bag?

Well, Ice Red Designs heard my rummagings and sent over a UNI Cargo Laptop Tote for me to try out.

The UNI is a vertically-oriented bag (something I've been wanting to try) with an austere exterior. I have the gun metal grey, and at first glance, you might think it wouldn't qualify as funky, chic and cool. But wait til you open it! The bright orange lining pops right out at you. But more importantly, so do all the pockets! So many pockets. And pockets in pockets. Check out the photo - the UNI keeps you organized. And you can put your whole office in there!

My MacBook Pro 15 fits snugly in the interior protected sleeve. The edge of my laptop peeks out which makes me a little uncomfortable, although there is a zipper on the top of the bag to protect all the contents, including your machine.

I really like that there are a number of outside pockets too, particularly handy on the plane when you just want to pull out a magazine and not fuss inside your bag.

The UNI is a comfortable over-the-shoulder style tote. And for those who really do take the entire office with them, the UNI expands an additional 2 inches through a clever side zipper.

The UNI holds laptops up to 15" and retails for $45 USD. Check it out at

Written by alan — August 06, 2007

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