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I spend a lot of time digging around in the bottom of my bag. Digging for keys, for jump drives, for a pen, for my gum - you name it, it's in my bag, lurking on the very bottom. And I think, why aren't there more pockets in my laptop bag?

Well, Ice Red Designs heard my rummagings and sent over a UNI Cargo Laptop Tote for me to try out.

The UNI is a vertically-oriented bag (something I've been wanting to try) with an austere exterior. I have the gun metal grey, and at first glance, you might think it wouldn't qualify as funky, chic and cool. But wait til you open it! The bright orange lining pops right out at you. But more importantly, so do all the pockets! So many pockets. And pockets in pockets. Check out the photo - the UNI keeps you organized. And you can put your whole office in there!

My MacBook Pro 15 fits snugly in the interior protected sleeve. The edge of my laptop peeks out which makes me a little uncomfortable, although there is a zipper on the top of the bag to protect all the contents, including your machine.

I really like that there are a number of outside pockets too, particularly handy on the plane when you just want to pull out a magazine and not fuss inside your bag.

The UNI is a comfortable over-the-shoulder style tote. And for those who really do take the entire office with them, the UNI expands an additional 2 inches through a clever side zipper.

The UNI holds laptops up to 15" and retails for $45 USD. Check it out at

Written by alan — August 06, 2007

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